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Where High Precision Meets High Definition.

Visualize your message and captivate your audience.

Machine tool videos shot and produced in Taiwan – customized for your business. And a dedicated link for only your business to use – email to anyone!


  • Improve sales efficiency
  • Bring customers inside the factory
  • Demo machines in the customer’s shop
  • Reach target markets from anywhere
  • Connect many customers with machines simultaneously

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Please write “Video Production” in the subject box.

“When we saw the video we got excited because of how well done that video was portrayed. Not only that, it got our distributor base excited, and if you can excite the distributors and the guy in the field, that is frontline marketing. If they get excited about it, they’re going to put their customers onto it, and it also gets their customers engaged, gets them excited, and it locks them into the product.”

Absolute Machine Tools, USA