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  • Cmz machinery group, s.a.

    Since 1948, CMZ has been manufacturing high quality CNC lathes, turning centers and other precision machine tools for customers the world over. As they continue to develop new technologies and incorporate them into their CNC lathes, they have also focused on increasing the functionality of their products. With very modern production techniques all CMZ's CNC lathes and turning centers exhibit the latest technological developments.

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  • Hurco machine tool inc.

    Hurco Machine Tool is an expert in the manufacture of precision CNC lathes, milling machines, turning centers and metal forming machines. By utilizing the latest CNC control systems all of their CNC lathes, mills and other machine tools are very easy to control and operate. Furthermore with the ability to customize control systems for a wide range of their CNC lathes and other machine tools, customers can fully benefit from Hurco's intelligent and innovative products.

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  • Metra machines, s.a.

    METRA is best known for their multi spindle and CNC lathes as well as a wide range of other precision machine tools. With sales centers and manufacturing facilities all over continental Europe, this company provides technologically advanced CNC lathes, technical support and customer trainings. So when looking for a new multi spindle or CNC lathe look no further than METRA.

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  • Pinacho machine industrial co.

    With more than 65 years of manufacturing experience, Pinacho is well known for the manufacture of conventional and CNC lathes as well as a wide range of machine tool accessories. All of their products and in particular their CNC lathes have a very high accuracy and utilize very modern production processes. Since the beginning they focus on developing high precision CNC lathes that incorporate new technologies and that are very reliable and energy-efficient.

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  • Schaublin machine tools ltd.

    Schaublin Machine Tools is a leading manufacturer of micro lathes, conventional lathes and CNC lathes. With a very experienced team of designers and engineers, all of their CNC lathes and other metalworking products meet the highest industry standards and also have been awarded numerous industry awards. As the industry develops new and exciting innovations, Schaublin is dedicated to implement these in all their latest CNC lathes and CNC machining centers.

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