Error calibration of controlled rotary pairs in five-axis machining centers based on the mechanism model and kinematic invariantsViews: 104

By  Zhi Wanga, Delun Wanga, Yu Wua, Huimin Donga, Shudong Yua On April 28, 2017



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  • A new error calibration method for rotary pairs of machining centers is proposed.
  • A mechanism model based on ball bar is used to measure the motions of rotary pairs.
  • The structure errors and kinematic pair errors of the rotary pairs are defined.
  • The errors of the rotary pairs are identified by using the kinematic invariants.The calibration method is unrelated with the installation parameters of ball bar.


The mechanism model of ball bar testing for a two-axis rotary table of 5-axis machining center is discussed, and a new ball bar method to measure the three-dimensional motions of the rotary pairs in multi-axis machining center is developed based on the mechanism model. Then, the fixed axes and moving axes of the rotary pairs are identified by using spherical image circle fitting and striction circle fitting, according to the kinematic invariants of nominal rotation and the measured motions. The structure errors and kinematic pair errors of the rotary pairs are defined and identified by using the fixed and moving axes, and the kinematic model of the two-axis rotary table is deduced with those errors. The simultaneous two-axis motions of the rotary table are measured to verify the proposed calibration method. The experimental results show good agreements with the predicted results calculated by the calibrated kinematic model. Furthermore, the accuracy of the simultaneous multi-axis motions of the machining center is improved when the identified errors are corrected.


Volume 120, September 2017, Pages 1–11



Source: International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture